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Coastal Computing Service, LLC. provides customized programming (specializing in Perl and "Unix" shell scripting), devops, and operational support with a particular focus on real time ADCIRC storm surge model automation for HPC clusters. The founder of CCS, LLC is one of the original developers of the ASGS (ADCIRC Storm Guidance System) and currently serves as the lead developer and architect of this system.
Specialties include:
  • Professional ADCIRC Consulting - https://ADCIRC.live
    • Installing ADCIRC on most platforms
    • Porting ADCIRC to new platforms
    • ADCIRC automation and scripting
    • Benchmarking and scaling studies
    • Managing and conducting large amounts of ADCIRC "runs"
    • Creating custom tools, commandline and online SaaS platforms

    Note: I am not a domain scientist or engineering consultant, but work with one of the best @ ADCIRC.live.

  • Perl Development and Consulting - 24+ years of experience:
    • extend or fix legacy Perl cgi-bin
    • legacy Perl code organization, maintenance, refactoring, modularization
    • creating tools/utilities
    • state of the art Perl applications (e.g., scalable SaaS/web APIs, clients)
    • beginner-advanced training
    • CPAN module maintenance, creation, etc
    • ETL & web scraping

    Note: Being a Perl dev today is a lot like being the ac guy or mechanic who realizes people just want to keep their stuff working or tweak things ever so slightly in a very cost effective way. As they say; I'll fix what you've got. :-)

  • Scientific and High Performance Computing - 20+ years of:
    • OpenMP (gcc/GOMP, intel, pgi, etc)
    • MPI (OpenMPI, MPICH)
    • building/porting code (C, Fortran; autoconf, make)
    • batch/queue systems
    • Extensive experience supporting domain scientists running the ADCIRC model on many platforms and in many configurations

    Note: See OPenMP::Simple, an approach to using OpenMP and Perl together.

  • Additionally:
    • Unix shell scripting
    • Containerization: FreeBSD Jails, FreeBSD bhyve, Docker
    • Git-based development workflows, code reviews
    • Perl training,

Flexible working/payment arrangements available. Always confidential and discreet. For general inquiries about availability, please email: inquiries AT (domain of this site). References available on request from clients who have consented.

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